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Perry Bender

Perry Bender

Staff Accountant, CPA

Perry Bender is a staff accountant and CPA at DeLong & Brower. He has nearly three decades of experience helping individuals and businesses navigate the ever-changing financial environments. Originally from the east side of the state, Perry moved from Frankenmuth to the Grand Rapids area six years ago. He quickly fell in love with the people and surroundings.

 Perry graduated from Michigan State University Niwith a Bachelor of Science in accounting and Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Delta College. He has held the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation since 1993.

 Perry was introduced to the challenges of the business world at an early age. Having grown up in a family-owned business, he learned the value of education. These experiences, along with other career pursuits, helped him understand the tax, accounting, technological and developmental changes and issues our clients face.

 Perry has two daughters, Chelsie (29) and Cassidy (27). Both girls attended Grand Valley University, which helped lead him to this side of the state. He now claims it's true, “the west side is the best side.” 

 Around the house, Perry enjoys DIY restoration projects - from homes to autos – along with self-development podcasts and books. He is committed to his health on the weekdays, eating salmon, eggs, chicken & spinach, along with cardio and resistance training - saving the weekends for more balance. Not easily indulged, Perry can admit to enjoying a “good sweat," whether from a quiet sauna or an active game of racquetball.

 Around the office, Perry is a steady presence of knowledge and information. His experiences, along with his calm and supportive demeanor, build on the collaborative team environment established within our offices.