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2024 Wealth Management Update

2024 Wealth Management Update

January 17, 2024

Embracing Growth

Dear Valued Clients,

As we start 2024, we are grateful for your ongoing trust in DeLong & Brower. We are dedicated to serving you and providing expertise and appreciate your commitment to our partnership. Below provides a summary, and you can read more about our year in our Winter 2024 Newsletter.
2023 Recap & 2024 Outlook
The past year was a testament to the resilience of the markets, showcasing significant growth amidst various global challenges. As we move into 2024, an election year, we anticipate a dynamic financial landscape. Our team is well-prepared to navigate the current market environments, ensuring your portfolios are adjusted to be in alignment with your overall wealth strategy.

  • Fixed: Income: 0-7 years Emphasizes stability and a flexible approach ranging from a fixed income to 30/70 portfolios (30% equities, 70% strategic income).

  • Balanced: 8-15 years
    Medium-term goals strategy with 40/60 to 70/30 portfolios, balancing growth with downside protection.

  • Long-Term Growth: 15+ years
    Focuses on robust growth from 70/30 to all equity portfolios captures long-term market gains. These portfolios incorporate equity ETFs, mutual funds, and individual holdings.

Our proactive approach allows us to engage in timely profit-taking and rebalancing, and ensure your investments remain aligned with your goals.

Tax Season Coordination
As the tax season approaches, we’re here to simplify the process. For clients who use our tax services, we’ll work closely with your CPAs. For

those handling taxes externally, our team will support your needs for
your 2023 tax return.

2024: A Year of Leadership and Growth
In 2024, our team embraces the theme of 'Leadership and Growth.' True leadership, for us, involves fostering an environment where every individual can flourish. We aim to nurture a culture in small business that promotes both professional and personal growth for employees. By investing in our team's development, we create a ripple effect of positive influence, and enhance the lives of those around us. ‘Iron sharpens iron,' and through mutual support and growth we all thrive.

As we continue our partnership and prosperity, we welcome your feedback, and encourage you to share your thoughts on what leadership means to you.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and here’s to a great 2024.

Joe Johnson and the DeLong & Brower Team