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Buursma Agency- Serving West Michigan Since 1964

Buursma Agency- Serving West Michigan Since 1964

June 29, 2018

When you decide to partner with an agency to support you and your business, that agency should care about your success and wellbeing as if it were their own. They should be an agency who is well versed with all of the governmental regulations and current legislation in order to ensure you remain in compliance and who can guide you to the right health plans that are optimal for both your employees and your company. They should offer support unlike any other by offering an array of workplace wellness programs and support for your Human Resources Department. Here at the Buursma Agency, that is what we do.

Reputation Can’t Be Bought

For over 50 years the Buursma Agency has specialized in employee benefits in the West Michigan area and now works with well over 100 local employers of all sizes and industries. Andy Buursma started in the insurance industry back in 1964. He quickly built an exceptional reputation with his clients and decided to start an agency. Then, in 1986, Andy’s son, Kurt, joined him and together they expanded into the group insurance market. The Buursma Agency quickly became known in West Michigan as a highly qualified provider of insurance products both for groups and individuals, providing health, life, disability, dental, vision, and Medicare planning. Their reputation was built on excellence and superior client satisfaction. The Buursma Agency recognizes that their clients are their greatest assets.

Optimize Your Individual And Group Insurance

You will receive experienced and well-informed guidance as Buursma Agency assists you with the selection of the best insurance plans for you and your employees. Buursma Agency provides you with ample support through the initial implementation of a plan, when an employee is hired, and also when an employee is terminated to assure accuracy and speed in your insurance processes. Further, they offer advocacy by personally aiding with claim related issues and serious medical conditions, and contacting providers to correct billing problems, referral issues, and any questions that an employee may feel is important. They also team up with individuals to match coverage to their personal health and life insurance needs. The Buursma Agency takes pride in providing you with comprehensive group and individual insurance knowledge and guidance, making certain you are well taken care of with the most fitting plan and superior support.

We Support The Wellness Of Your Business

The Buursma Agency has become known for their exceptional provision of workplace wellness and human resource support. They have several wellness programs that provide the education and activities for your company to sponsor in order to promote healthy lifestyles for your employees and their families. Wellness programs may include things such as health education classes, subsidized use of fitness facilities, and internal policies or programs that promote healthy behavior. The Buursma Agency offers you a wide array of wellness programs to choose from in order to meet the unique needs of your team.

When you take advantage of our program resources it empowers you to develop and implement a wellness program that keeps your employees healthy and reduces health care costs, therefore saving your company money. The Buursma Agency is prepared to assist you in creating a program that suits your employees’ needs while also meeting your financial goals.

We Support Your Human Resources Department Effectively

All clients of the Buursma Agency receive access to a personalized website offering both customized and recommended resources to help fulfill unique administration, legislative compliance and communication needs. They are committed to keeping you up-to-date with their benchmark information, news on legislation changes and open enrollment information. We keep your Human Resources Department in the know and compliant with COBRA, FMLA, Health Care Reform, ADA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Total Package

In July of 2016, The Buursma Agency joined forces with DeLong and Brower, a CPA and Retirement Planning Company. This collaboration continues to bring significant value not only to the clients of Buursma Agency but DeLong and Brower as well, as additional professional resources are now available on accounting, taxes, financial review and retirement planning.

The Buursma Agency is ready to take your company’s efficiency to the next level! Call today at 616-394-0500 or email to speak with Joel Johnson and see how the Buursma Agency can benefit you.

About Joel

Joel Johnson, AIF® is an Investment Advisor Representative with DeLong & Brower, P. C., a Holland, Michigan accounting, retirement consulting, insurance, and financial services firm. He specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management and retirement plan consulting for individuals, families, retirees, and business owners. Along with more than 15 years of industry experience, Joel is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant, and a Certified Business Adviser/Consultant through Crown Business and Crown Financial Ministry. To learn more,

About Buursma Agency

Over the years, The Buursma Agency has become well versed with all the governmental regulations related to employee benefits and has counseled clients on the best strategy for navigating the sometimes-difficult processes brought on by new legislation. This includes not only COBRA, HIPAA and FMLA, but has expanded significantly with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. The Buursma Agency has become well known as a very knowledgeable resource for compliance with governmental regulation.

In addition, The Buursma Agency has become known as a provider of wellness and human resource support. There is a wide array of offerings from which employers can choose for just the right type of wellness program to meet the needs of their team. In addition, on the HR support side, we provide plan documents that include compliance requirements and regular communication to employees.