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July/August Newsletter

  • The CARES Act offers tax relief for businesses
  • Current conditions are favorable for cost-effective wealth transfers
  • How does the CARES Act affect your retirement accounts?
  • Tax Tips

May/June Newsletter 2020

  • The SECURE Act: Understand the retirement and estate planning implications
  • Is your business a tax shelter?
  • An estate plan benefits you and your family
  • Tax Tips

March/April Newsletter 2020

  • The proper care and feeding of your S corporation: Diligence required to avoid inadvertent termination and loss of tax benefits
  • Do you own a closely held family business?  Sec. 6166 may help ease the sting of estate taxes
  • How to avoid tax scams
  • Tax Tips

January/February Newsletter 2020

  • "Small" is bigger than ever: Is your business eligible for expanded tax benefits?
  • 5 tax-planning tips for retirees
  • Keep future options open with powers of appointment
  • Tax Tips

November/December Newsletter 2019

  • The R&D credit: Are you leaving tax dollars on the table?
  • 5 Good reasons to turn down an inheritance
  • When it comes to taxes, getting married may cost you
  • Tax Tips

September/October Newsletter 2019

  • Tax implications of equity-based compensation
  • Take it or leave it?  How to handle your 401(k) plan when you retire
  • Filing a gift tax return regardless of whether it's required may be a plus
  • Tax Tips

July/August Newsletter 2019

  • Partnerships: If you're audited, will you be ready?
  • Examine your withholding allowances today
  • The GST tax and your estate plan: What you need to know
  • Tax Tips

May/June Newsletter 2019

  • The "backdoor" Roth IRA remains open
  • Estate planning and business succession planning
  • When can you deduct business meals?
  • Tax Tips

March/April Newsletter 2019

  • Qualified Opportunity Zone: A powerful tax incentive for investors
  • Matters of interest: When are interest payments deductible?
  • Getting your affairs in order when you're terminally ill
  • Tax Tips

January/February Newsletter 2019

  • Are your business interest expenses deductible?
  • BDIT lets you give away property without losing control
  • Relax, but don't forget about taxes: Owning a vacation home requires tax planning
  • Tax Tips

November/December Newsletter 2018

  • Supreme Court's Wayfair decision: What it means for Internet and mail-order sales
  • GST tax exemption has increased, but not permanently
  • Got bitcoin? Understand your tax obligations
  • Tax Tips

September/October Newsletter 2018

  • Are LLC members subject to self-employment tax?
  • Ease new itemized deduction limitations using a nongrantor trust
  • Know your tax obligations before hiring household help
  • Tax Tips

July/August Newsletter 2018

  • What's the right structure for your business?
  • Putting the brakes on spending
  • Tax cost of divorce set to rise in 2019
  • Tax Tips

May/June Newsletter 2018

  • Tax reform's impact on charitable donations
  • Are you personally liable for your company's payroll taxes?
  • Gain flexibility with a self-directed IRA
  • Tax Tips

March/April Newsletter 2018

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: How will it affect your tax bill?
  • Breathe new life into a trust by "decanting" it
  • Identity theft and your tax returns: How to protect yourself
  • Tax Tips

January/February Newsletter 2018

  • Are bad business debts deductible?
  • Tax planning for investors: Income vs. Growth
  • Higher education is expensive!
  • Tax Tips

November/December Newsletter 2017

  • How to claim research payroll tax credits
  • Restricted stocks: Should you pay tax now or later?
  • To file or not to file: What you need to know about filing gift and estate tax returns
  • Tax Tips

September/October Newsletter 2017

  • Cash vs. Accrual: Are you using the right accounting method?
  • 2 homes in different states may result in multi-state taxation
  • Building an on-off switch into your estate plan
  • Tax Tips

July/August Newsletter 2017

  • You can't take it with you: Making the most of tax carryovers
  • Does a Roth IRA fit into your retirement plan?
  • Independent contractor vs. employee: Worker classification matters
  • Tax Tips

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